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Wilford and McKay’s President, Mr. John Bamber has more than 40 years of shipping experience at different areas.
Mr. Bamber’s in depth knowledge of the project cargo and its special and specific requirements for transiting the
Panama Canal provide the technical tone for the agency.

Mr. Alexei Oduber, the Administrative Manager has over 14 years of shipping experience. As a former bunker trader,
tank operator and Canal Personnel Specialist this MBA provides a different angle on the problems.

Fernando Chang, has over 25 years of operations experience in the Panama Canal. As the Operations Manager for
the agency, his dedication and sound understanding of the local port regulations often foresees the problems before
they occur.

Mr. Omiros Diamantis provides detailed operational supervision of tanker and terminal operations for the agency as
an Operations Supervisor. His 15 years of experience in operations, and the wide array of situations he has addressed,
have provided him the knowledge and determination to keep delays and demurrages to the minimum.

Mr. Jorge J. Corredoira has over 16 years of operational experience in the management of container vessels and
terminal operations with the experience and background required to deal with any problem. He is an ISPS Auditor.

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    Our Talents - Areas of Specific Expertise



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