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Tanker2In addition to being leading Steamship Agents at the Panama Canal, Wilford & McKay, S.A. is part of the Global Network Alliance of GAC. Since our  stablishment in 1914, and has grown in to one of the leading agents here at the Canal. Our relationship with GAC extends back several years.

Wilford & McKay, S.A. maintains several offices in Panama. For Canal transits, one on the Atlantic the other on the Pacific with both offices minutes away from the respective terminal ports of Cristobal and Balboa. The head office is on the Atlantic side with a branch office in Balboa. Company Directors are located in both offices to oversee the management daily operations. For banana loadings and tanker operations, offices are also located in Chiriqui Grande and Puerto Armuelles within the confines of the respective ports. The agency is well rounded handling reefer, tanker and bulk cargo vessels for transit, reefer vessels for banana loadings at Chiriqui Grande and has specialized a tanker department for load/discharge operations at all the oil terminals in Panama; Cristobal, Bahia Las Minas, Balboa, Pimpsa, Taboguilla, Chiriqui Grande, Puerto Armuelles and inclusive Ship to Ship operations at the anchorages.

Throughout the years we have built a professional and well experienced tanker team capable of undertaking any Specialized tanker operations at any Panamanian ports, blends, commingles, discharge, loads, lighters, ship to ship transfers you name it. This has achieved Wilford & McKay, S.A. as being the leading agency on tanker operations with over 75% of our traffic selective and well known worldwide tanker companies.

The company maintains a full and complete operations department on both sides of the Canal operating on a 24/7 basis. All company personnel are contactable on a 24/7 basis and email/fax communications are continually monitored. We maintain an excellent relationship with the Panama Canal, Port oncessionaires and Autoridad Maritima de Panama.